16.10.13. Second project meeting – Eisenstadt 23/24 September 2013.

The second meeting of project partners in the project TERRE - Territory, Energy & Employment, which is co-funded within South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme was held on 23rd and 24th September 2013. in Eisenstadt , Austria. At meeting has attended a total of 11 project partners from 8 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. Beside the PPs at the meeting also participated many stakeholders who will took part in the seminar and in the further TERRE activities. 

First Training Seminar – 23rd September 2013 

Representatives of IUAV, coordinators of Training Seminar, presented the genesis of TERRE and its main objectives highlighting that the project is not an energy project in a stricter sense but a project that assumes the renewable energies as relevant potential sources of local development and employment. Presentations were given about:

 • the next EU 2014-2010 financial instruments which mainly aims at developing economy based on knowledge and innovation, at promoting a more efficient greener and competitive economy, and at promoting an economy with a higher level of occupation and promoting social and territorial cohesion, also in the rural areas 

• a three level presentation on the EU 2020 energy directives, the energy tools and plans. He concludes with several considerations on the TERRE implementation activities to be undertaken. 

• the concept of Ecosystem Services and how to consider Renewable Energy Resources as Ecosystem Services, identifying three categories of energy: the potential energy, which is gross source (land area x productivity rate); the theoretical energy, which entails the fraction that can be harvested by the energy conversion system (law and technological restriction); the exploitable energy: the fraction that can be used taking into account criteria of sustainability related to logistic, environmental restrictions and economic issues. 

IUAV presented the simulation game and all the participants were asked to play in the second part of the afternoon. It was highlightsed how the points of the game (goals, players and method) and how it helps in the capacity building process. All participants were (partners and stakeholders) involved in the simulation-game. 

2nd Transnational Meeting - 24th September 2013 

Meeting gave a general overview of the main activities, time frame and deadlines for each TERRE WP. The meeting focused on administrative and financial activities of the project, development of guidelines, implementing media campaigns in the implementation of the project, and to conduct discussions on the next phases of the project. All WP coordinators (Rimini,IRENA,EEE,TOB,Iuav) gave the presentation activities, output, results and deadlines of their represented WPs. 

After the meeting PP went to study visit to “Lichtenegg”.