European Centre for Renewable Energy Ltd.
German - Europäisches Zentrum für Erneuerbare Energie Güssing GmbH

The association „European Center for Renewable Energy“ (EEE) was founded in 1996 and not quite a decade later, in 2002, the EEE Ltd was launched to serve as a central coordinator for the „Model of Güssing“, the numerous sub-tasks involved and all energy relating activities within the region. The EEE association holds 100% shares of the EEE Ltd. The EEE is headquartered in the “Technology Center” of Güssing and focuses with its 14 employees on the establishment of sustainable, regional and local energy concepts and disseminates its experience in the field of renewable energy sources. A network including regional, national, and international partners has been founded.

The EEE is a kind of network manager in its region, trying to initiate different projects for the region. Especially sustainability criteria and regional added value is in the spot of all activities. After establishing the “Model of Güssing” which is a kind of energy master plan for the town of Güssing and implementing it, EEE now tries to supply also the whole district of Güssing with renewable and regional resources step by step. EEE is also acting as network coordinator for national and international projects in the field of renewable energy. EEE is further focused on demonstration plants, research and development, services (esp. energy concepts), as well as education and EcoEnergy Tourism as well as on the dissemination of Know how.

EEE is involved in different transnational co-operation projects on EU level dealing with renewable energy - especially with the development of energy networks and possibilities for the creation of bio-energy regions. Especially with the development of energy networks and possibilities for the creation of bio-energy regions. EEE took part in numerous projects supported by different programs as RECITE, ECOS OUVERTURE, INTERREG, IEE, Central Europe as well as South East Europe. Apart from co-operation projects also RTD projects in the 7th as well as 6th Framework Programme has been organized by EEE. Lessons learned within these projects can be brought in into the objective project.

In order to reach the aim of the project the EEE can support the partners by know how transfer and by giving support of efficient project management knowledge. Furhter the experience of data collection on local and regional level, as well as the gathering of representative data and information on resources within the project territories can be transfered to all partners. The Guideline established by EEE for the project should not only be a lasting Guideline applicable only for this project – but to apply this for all other projects relating to renewable energy sources. So through the participation of the EEE the project partners should get a very clear view on how to identify resources within their territories, how to calculate and estimate RES potentials and how the RES potentials can contribute to a positive development of the region, most of all in terms of socio-economic aspects and creation of jobs.

Increasing knowledge about new possibilities of using RES in consideration of the landscape characters, the improvement of the availability of feedstock, the creation of regional jobs and the increasing of regional added value, the long-term availability of resources for energy plants, creation of new financing models (e.g. citizen- involvement, construction of energy plants) forced communication and information–exchange by internet-performance or info-campaign, as well as further development of the ecoEnergy-tourism and the establishment of new job opportunities. The involvement of different target groups and stakeholders should be an important factor for future development plans of the area.