IRENA - Istrian Regional Energy Agency Ltd. 
Croatian - IRENA - Istarska Regionalna Energetska Agencija d.o.o.

Istrian Regional Energy Agency Ltd. has been established in 2009 by the Region of Istria, which has undergone the process of establishing a Regional Energy Agency in order to provide regional operators (both public and private) with services, technical assistance, knowledge diffusion and sharing, technology focuses, funding opportunities for investment, with the aim to promote energy saving measure and increase RES production and consumption shares, according to EU strategies. The Region of Istria has achieved remarkable experiences and best practices in the energy field which was shared with IRENA. It has been established by the Region of Istria through the Department for Sustainable Development and the Department for International Cooperation and European Integration that have a deep experience and a significant know-how in developing and implementing international projects. IRENA encourage energetic in Istria with conventional energy sources and the promotion of energy efficiency, with the possibility of using renewable energy sources and cogeneration. IRENA want to be a quality link in the functioning of all energy branches within the Istrian County. The activities and efforts regarding the education of our citizens on energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources and cogeneration present a special challenge and they are necessary due to the rising cost of conventional energy sources on the world market and the problems caused by global warming.

The main objectives:

  • Promotion of energy efficiency
  • Energy savings in public and private sector
  • The use of renewable energy sources
  • Cogeneration
  • Environmental protection


  • Promoting the use of innovative materials and technologies in energy saving
  • Education regarding the use of local energy resources
  • Conferences, gatherings, workshops and contacts, cooperation and joint appearance and partnership with FZOEU, UNDP, EU funds
  • Cooperation with ministries, funds, agencies and regions in the country and abroad
  • Implementation of the of the national energy programs
  • Preparation, development and implementation of programs and projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Proposing the improvement of living conditions in rural areas trough creation of the renewable energy sources market
  • Promoting social awareness about responsible use of energy, from contacts with the representatives of public and private sector and natural persons, to organized meetings and conferences
  • Promotion of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources and cogeneration

Through its activities IRENA encourages transition to the sustainable energy system, optimal energy management and provides information about RES to all target groups and stakeholders. For this reasons, IRENA is an important partner of the project TERRE. Furthermore, within project TERRE, IRENA had foreseen the implementation of one pilot project in Istria region. The main interest is to share knowledge of renewable energy sources by developing and promoting sustainable energy programmes in coordination with interested partnership and all potential parties. IRENA is s partner in projects SEA-R and LEGEND financed trough IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013 and is also providing assistance as associate in the Alterenergy project also financed through IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013. With SEA-R IRENA has gather knowledge and experience which will contribute to the development of the project TERRE.