University Iuav of Venice 

Italian - Universita Iuav di Venezia

One of the first Architecture, Planning and Design Schools in Italy (established in 1926), the Università Iuav di Venezia is a ‘themed’ university totally focusing on design disciplines. It is a dedicated place for teaching, specialisation and field research in design of living space and environments such as buildings, cities, landscapes, regions as well as design of every-day use objects, cultural, theatrical, multimedia events, fashion and graphics.
The Iuav department involved in the TERRE project is the “Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environment”.
Educational programmes, courses and activities are divided into 5 undergraduate degree programmes and 8 graduate degree programmes that are project-driven in fields of architecture, design, fashion, visual arts, urban and regional planning, theatre, in addition to a number of postgraduate specialisation programmes, advanced specialisation courses and 9 research doctorates.
In particular the department promotes the international “European Masters Course in Planning and policies for the City, Environment and Landscape” ( a joint degree course offered by the CAP Consortium partners, that includes one Italian univerisity (Venice and Alghero), two Spanish-Catalan universities (Barcelona UAB and Girona) and one Portuguese university (UTL Lisboa).
Iuav has successfully devised a unique learning mode that is especially suitable to transmitting project knowledge: workshops are in fact a real workshop for experiencing and learning under the direct guidance of high-calibre professionals and professors in the practice and design teaching fields.
Iuav invests a lot in research concerning issues related to the city, region and environment, landscape, infrastructure and mobility, protection and conservation, sustainable design, history of architecture, the new frontiers of design, arts and theatre.
About 6,000 students attend this University (admission to the various degree programmes is limited, which is an essential requirement needed to guarantee teaching quality). International Exchange Programmes are currently being offered in cooperation with 130 European Universities for the promotion of students’, researchers’ and faculty’s mobility, with a view to developing a common European citizenship, exchange of good practices and sharing of researches. Furthermore, the Università Iuav di Venezia has also established cooperation and exchange relationships with non-EU institutions and universities with which has entered into over 60 agreements aiming at students’ mobility.

Iuav – Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environment is actually involved in different project and initiatives related with energy and climate policies among these:
- is supporting different local authorities to define Sustainable Energy Action Plans accordingly the EU Covenant of Mayors program;
- is developing a strong field of research on climate change and planning with particular attention both to mitigation and adaptation planning and monitoring climate plans in a number of world local authorities (;
- developed the APICE project (Common Mediterranean strategy and local practical Actions for the mitigation of Port, Industries and Cities Emissions) financed by the European program for territorial Cooperation MED 2007/2013;
- at the moment is participating as Beneficiary in one project supported by Central Europe Program (CODE 3CE292P3 UHI): “Development and application of mitigation and adaptation strategies and measures for counteracting the global Urban Heat Islands phenomenon ( devoted to define new planning tecniques to reduce urban warming and consequent enegy consumes;
- is developing different researches supported by the European Social Fund on sustainable energy production and urban warming, among these: “Biomass supply chain and ecosystem services: operational criteria for the installation and management of low-power plants” and “Green Infrastructure for the mitigation of heat island effects: products, technologies and innovations for urban areas”;
- on different tematic areas the department coordinates the European Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in collaboration with the University of Sevilla and the University of Azores (

Iuav believes that the TERRE project can represent a relevant opportunitity of action research in strict collaboration with local authorities to analyse the peculiar characteristics of each participating territories (as natural and human resources, as well as landscape, cultural and economic characters), their potential for biomasses production from woods, agricultural and breeding activities, sun irradiation & availability of surfaces where to locate photovoltaic plants, wind and water capacity as well as the local energy demand (including heating); to elaborate the basis of the estimated potential for producing renewable energies and strengthen the durability and sustainability of local development in collaboration with local actors. The research group involved includes ecologists, spatial and environmental planners and participatory approach experts.