Local Government of Ujszilvas

Hungarian - Ujszilvas Onkormanyzata

Újszilvás is a village, located in Pest County, Hungary, approximately 70 km southeast of the capital, Budapest. Újszilvás has been an independent municipality since 1950. Local government is a legal entity. City council and its organisations are responsible for maintaining local governmental tasks. Its organizations are the mayor, the city council boards, and office of mayor. Mayor is the chairman of city council and its official representative. City council is the village’s decision making body. It has 6 elected members mandated for 4 years.

City council based to mayor’s proposal elects a vice mayor to deputies and substitutes the mayor. Vice mayor operates according to mayors guidance. City council establishes the office of mayor to support, maintain local governmental issues from decision making process to implementation, which are mayor’s and notary’s authority. Notary leads and manages the office of mayor and endorses employers’ right for public servants and employees. After a successful application process, notary is nominated by mayor for indefinite time.

City council establishes 4 boards:

  • procedural, judicial, confliction, assets declaration controller board
  • budget and financial board
  • Educational, social, health and sport board
  • urban development, investment, procurement board

Office of mayor includes:

  • social bureau
  • management bureau
  • magisterial, administrative, tax authority bureau
  • secretariat

The Municipality of Újszilvás was established for the management and fulfilment of civil services according the Hungarian law LXV of 1990 on local governments.

Main responsibilities:

  • state management
  • settlement development
  • protection of built and natural environment
  • providing and supervising infrastructural services such as water management, sewage and waste management, public road maintenance
  • local public transport
  • public cemetery maintenance

Furthermore, the Municipality contributes to the economic development and job creation, local security, the provision of educational, health and social services. It also is responsible for ensuring the rights of ethnical minorities.

The Local Government of Újszilvás has conducted very active development activities over the past two decades, as compared to the size of the village and a number of nationally recognized results have been reached. Outstanding success has been shown up in the consumption of the alternative energy sources (solar and geothermal energy).

The village was established about 60 years ago, and a relative modern village structure has been established. The maintenance of the developed structure requires energy, and the leadership of the village makes efforts to find sustainable and relative cheap sources of energy supply available at local level. One prospective energy source is the thermal water asset, which has been discovered in a 700 meter deep layer of the earth, providing water of 54 Celsius degree, which is used for heating some public buildings. Another usable energy source in the area is represented by the sunshine; the territory is well positioned to the sunshine all over the year. A solar collector system has been introduced for heating of the Senior House. In addition, a photovoltaic sun power system has been built in the territory of the village, covering 2 acres of land by sun panels, using the highest level technology. This photovoltaic sun-power system will serve as a model for other towns and also for educational purposes. Further plans are for testing the possibility of using the wind energy in the territory. The village is interested in taking over experiences of other European settlements, and, on the other side, the practical experiences accumulated in Újszilvás will be distributed to the project partners.

With TERRE project Municipality of Újszilvás would like to introduce own way and success regarding with alternative energy developments, which was a unique initiative in Hungary as well. It is a good sample of a small village, how to manage a difficult process locally in a developing and rural area. It was a common issue and a joint effort with officials and involved local population. Újszilvás can show all project participants this dream could became true, and a plan now a reality.

With project TERRE municipality of Újszilvás would like to share information with international partners, institutes, agencies and get new inspiration for further developments related with alternative energy. We can learn each other and we are capable to teach each other.