Municipality of Dimitrovgrad

Bulgarian - Obsina Dimitrovgrad

Municipality of Dimitrovgad is the basic administrative-territorial unit, which implements the local self-government. It is established with a Decree No.2294 on 26 December 1978 issued by the State Council of Republic of Bulgaria.

Municipality of Dimitrovgrad is a legal entity and as such disposes a significant number of buildings and facilities – municipal property, for the condition of which it is obligated to take care using budget and borrowed funding. This property includes Municipal Infrastructure objects with local importance for the administrative needs of the Municipality such as health, educational, cultural, commercial, residential, sports and communal service. 

The structure of the Municipal Administration is divided on Municipal Managing Body, General and Specialized Administration and some other structures located outside of the Municipal Administration.

Municipality of Dimitrovgrad is located in the South part of Bulgaria and it is one of municipalities, that forms the Haskovo District. The Municipality itself is established by 27 different locations. The Geographical location of the municipality makes it an important transport junction in the South part of the country.

Pursuant to the Bulgarian Legislation of the Law on Local Self Government, the municipalities are in charge of various number of activities and responsibilities related to local socio-economic development. An integral part of these engagements are the actions described below:

  • Urban regeneration in residential areas
  • Improvement of public works in settlements, municipal finance,
  • taxes, municipal administration
  • Planning and development of the municipality territory
  • Education
  • Health
  • Culture
  • Employment
  • Public Works and Utilities
  • Social Services
  • Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources
  • Maintenance and preservation of the cultural, historical and architectural monuments
  • Development of sport, recreation and tourism
  • Providing of services

Municipality of Dimitrovgrad has implemented a project “Applying of energy efficiency measures in the municipal educational infrastructure in the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad”. The project is funded by the Operational Programme“ Regional Development 2007-2013”. Priority Axis 1” Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development” Operation 1.1 “Social Infrastructure” scheme grants BG 161PO0011/1.1-09/2010 “Support for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in municipal educational infrastructure in urban agglomerations”. Total cost of the project is 1 161 589.64 euro.

By using the knowledge and results achieved by the TERRE project and the exchange of experience with other institutions and companies from the South-East Region in the field of renewable energy sources, we hope to overcome common problems associated with the depopulation of the area, to promote the employment, among young people and to premise for economical stability of the municipality and the to achieve conservation of biodiversity by using alternative energies, to establish public-private partnerships, that will work towards the sustainable local development.

Participating in the TERRE project the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad will work for:

  • establishing of relationships and partnerships with the stakeholders in the current project, with a prospect of future cooperation and exchange of experience in other international projects.
  • implementation of programmes and tools for local development.
  • Attracting investors and new projects in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad