Municipality of Szolnok Town of County Rank 

Hungarian - Szolnok Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata


The Town of Szolnok of County Ranking, lying at the confluence of the Tisza and Zagyva Rivers looks back on a recorded history of 938 years. It is located 100 km south-east of Budapest, in the centre of the Alföld (Great Plain). Its current population numbers 75,000.

The main objective of the town’s leaders is to ensure a liveable and loveable place for its citizens. In order to achieve this goal they are constantly reshaping the town’s face and developing its road system. In 2011, the longest pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Central-East Europe was opened arching over the Tisza River. New squares, parks and children’s playgrounds were built. Our town also enjoys a rich cultural life boasting a repertoire theatre, a symphony orchestra and folk dance ensembles. Szolnok is home to the only museum of aviation in the country.

The assembly of the Municipal Government of the Town of Szolnok of County Ranking consists of 17 members headed by the Mayor. The Deputy Mayors are also members of the assembly. The latest municipal elections were held in 2010. As its result, the majority in the assembly is formed by rightist parties.

The assembly’s work is assisted by the following operating committees:

  • Finance Committee
  • Supervising Committee
  • Educational and Cultural Committee
  • Health, Welfare and Sports Committee
  • Town Development and Operating Committee

Assembly meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month. Sessions are open to the public and are broadcast live on local television. The municipal government’s work is assisted by the Mayor’s Office, headed by, as its name suggests, the mayor. The mayor’s work is supported by two deputy-mayors. The legal administration work of the office is led by the notary and the deputy-notary. The Mayor’s Cabinet provides direct assistance to the mayor’s work taking care of international relations, media and communication tasks.

The structure of the Mayor’s Office is built like this:

  • Development Directorate: Development Department, Building Authority Department
  • Economic Directorate: Budgeting Department, Accounting Department, Taxation Department, Asset Management Department
  • Technical Directorate: Town Operation Department, Public Areas Supervision

The work of the town’s leadership is also complemented by companies owned by the municipal government. Szolnok Industrial Estate and Logistics Centre Llc. was established by the municipal government to foster the economic development of the town. Investment funds coming from the European Union are coordinated in town by the Town Development Zrt. (restricted shareholding company). The firms providing central heating and garbage collection in town are also owned by the municipal government. 

Through its participation in the TERRE European Union project, the town is granted the opportunity to map and take account of the options it has on the field of renewable energy sources. For example, on how we could exploit solar energy and the town’s thermal water reserves to the benefit of its residents. According to our expectations, we can complete a document listing the treasures of our town for potential investors by the end of 2014.