Province of Rovigo

Italian - Provincia di Rovigo

 The Province of Rovigo (Provincia di Rovigo) is a province in the Veneto region of Italy. Its capital is the city of Rovigo. The province of Rovigo corresponds with[1] or is full included into[2] contemporary Polesine. It has an area of 1,789 square kilometres (691 sq mi) and a total population of 244,625 inhabitants (2005).

In the last ten years the Province of Rovigo have promoted innovative initiatives in terms of policy making and planning, with a special focus on rural and peri-urban areas that characterize the area.  A new approach started from a strategic Local Agenda 21 process activated in 2002 and with the creation of a permanent Laboratory for Sustainable Development included in the National network for Environmental Education. The Territorial Plan (according the new Regional Urban planning law) and the Energy Plan also playied a relevant role to improve a permanent experimentation in this territory. The approach considered combined the environmental dimension as required by EU Directive 2009/28/CE with the economic dimension of territorial development and the social dimension.

The Province has been involved in a range of project both connected with local development and culture (with particular attention to the program Italy-Slovenia) and some projects with more environmental perspective. In particular the SEE EU WATER is particularly oriented to the implementation of the EU Directive Water in terms of water quality in agriculture; the EIE CLIMATE ROVIGO permitted to start the local climate strategy.

·  2011 - Italy-Slovenia Program 2007/2013 – Motor mobile Tourist Incubator

·  2011 - Italy-Slovenia Program 2007/2013 Strategic programs - Interbike - Cycle network crossing borders

·  2011 - Italy - Slovenia Program - Open Museum Slovianian and Italian Museum networking: museums technological innovation in the art cities of upper Adriatic area.

· 2010 - Italy-Slovenia Program - Slow Tourism, promotion of "slow" touristic path between Italy and Slovenia

· 2009 – South east Europe (SEE) EU Water

· 2008 - Energy Intelligent Europe (EIE) "Climate Rovigo" - Climate protection and renewable energy: big and small communities facing the challenge