Technology Promotion Burgenland ltd.

German - Technologieoffensive Burgenland GmbH

The Technology Promotion Burgenland (TOB) ltd. is located in the Technology Centre in Eisenstadt and a 100% daughter company of WIBAG (Business Service Burgenland AG). WIBAG itself is 100% owned by the province of Burgenland. The TOB represents the operational instrument for technology promotion in Burgenland.

Its area of responsibility is therefore defined in the development of special key technologies like renewable and sustainable energy, optoelectronics, information and communication technologies, environmental technology, metal technology and materials.

Within these areas of responsibility TOB is also supporting regional development in terms of economy and employment in Burgenland. Managing Director of the TOB is Johann Binder who also acts as technology representative of Burgenland.Moreover there is a close collaboration between TOB and the Innovation Centre BIC Burgenland GmbH. as well as the Energy Agency of Burgenland.

Beside energy consulting services and the handling of subsidies for alternative energy plants the main focus of TOB is to develop and work on technology and energy projects.

The superior tasks of TOB as a technology political instrument of Burgenland are mainly done in the framework of regional and interregional projects. In the framework of these projects analysis are made, co-operations and networks are build up, pilot projects are developed and implemented, enterprises and instiutions of Burgenland are supported as well as PR measures are done. The projects can be classified in the fields of "energy" and "technology".

The projects in the field of energy are mainly focused on energy strategies, energy concepts, pilot projects as well as co-operations and networks. The projects in the field of technology conduce to services for the regional economy including the support of SME's in building up cross border co-operations.

Johann Binder (the managing director) and the employees of TOB worked on approx. 20 EU-funded projects within the last 10 years. According to these projects TOB has some experience in working on EU-funded projects. Especially in the field of energy TOB has a lot of experience because of the close co-operation with the Energy Agency of Burgenland.

The most important output from the project TERRE for TOB is to support Burgenland in developing plans for raising the production of renewable energy and maybe create new jobs from this.